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Boat Storage Shrink Wrap
Boat Storage Shrink Wrap

Storage & Shrink Wrap

Bricks Boatworks offers secure, dry, indoor winter storage for boats, pontoons, and personal watercraft. We can transport any boat up to 30' anywhere in the metro area to and from our buildings. Here are some of the perks your toy will receive when you bring it to Bricks Boatworks!

  • 24-hour security by actual guards on site!

  • Fire suppression systems

  • Professional shrink wrap included for free!

  • Transport from your dock to our facility in the fall (optional)

  • Transport from the storage building back to your dock in the spring (optional)

  • Discounted trailer storage for the summer while your boat is in the water

  • Free maintenance check-up for possible issues that should be fixed before spring

If you are interested in storing with us, or need more information about our services, please give us a call at (952) 233-2191.

We would be happy to provide a storage quote for free with absolutely no obligation.

2023-2024 Storage Season Rates:

  • Premium Indoor Winter Storage (Concrete Floors & Insulated Building) - $40* per foot

  • Outdoor Winter Storage w/ Shrink Wrap & Moisture Control System - $28* per foot

  • Summer Storage of Boat Trailer or Pontoon Trailer- $300 (Additional fees may apply if you need to pull your trailer from storage during the summer)

  • Year Round Storage w/ Access to Watercraft in Summer Months - $2,250 (Limited space, call for availability.)

  • Tented Shrink Wrapping - $22 per foot

  • Industrial Shrink Wrapping - Call or Email For Quote​​

  • Spring removal of shrink wrap- $75.00

  • Storage of Ice House for Summer- $425.00

  • Storage of Snowmobile Trailer w/Sleds for Summer- $425.00

*** Lineal footage is determined by total overall length of unit being stored (tip of motor to tip of trailer)

            ***Any boat being stored for the winter, prior to Labor Day, will be subject to $200.00 extended storage fee.***

Boat Storage & Shrink Wrap
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