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Ultra Legs Pontoon Lift System
Ultra Legs Pontoon Lift System
Ultra Legs Pontoon Lift System

Ultra Legs remain unequaled when it comes to advancements on the most proven pontoon leg–lift design. Stronger, sturdier and quieter, they are equipped to handle the ever-increasing size of pontoon boats.

At Ultra Legs, we want to provide you with the best lift possible and feel confident that we can do exactly that.

Powered by an out-of-sight 1.5 horsepower 12-volt bi-rotational electric motor, our hydraulic cylinders feature an all-steel construction rated for 3500 psi. Simple remote control operation makes lifting from on the dock or in the boat a breeze.

Ultra Legs are stronger than the competition, featuring an aluminum support bar to increase rigidity and reduce flex and sway when lifting and lowering the pontoon. In addition, each load-bearing pivot is larger than that of the next leading brand, providing unsurpassed strength, giving confidence and peace-of-mind when lifting even the heaviest boat.

Easy maintenance helps keep each set of legs fresh year in and year out. Grease zerks on each hydraulic cylinder rod allow for a quick top-off to keep movement steady and quiet.

Speaking of quiet, Ultra Legs feature noise-dampening stops to eliminate annoying footplate chatter during normal boating operation. The days of leg lifts clanking over every wave are no more. Back up all of this with strong, responsive customer service and you’ve got yourself the finest pontoon leg lift available.

Welcome to Ultra Legs.

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