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Zing Cleaning Products

ZING Marine Cleaning Products

Fresh water or salt, ZING® Professional cleaners keep boats and aluminum pontoons looking their best above and below the water line. ZING® Boat Hull Cleaner and Pontoon & Boat Cleaner remove algae, oxidation, oily deposits and discoloration from any boat or vessel. They also attack and remove zebra mussels and barnacles.

ZING Boat Hull Cleaner
ZING Aluminum Pontoon & Boat Hull Cleaner
ZING Black Streak Remover




The “original” and still the best choice for boat hull cleaning by professionals everywhere! ZING® Boat Hull Cleaner is a heavy duty professional strength formulation that easily and quickly removes the toughest build-ups on fiberglass, painted wood and steel hulls. Use in fresh water and salt water. Cleans scum, algae, and waterline discoloration from marine stains. Attacks, loosens and removes Zebra mussels and barnacles from hulls, exposed power drives and propellers. Use pre-season, for winterizing or anytime the boat is removed from the water for scheduled maintenance.


  • Professional strength and power

  • Quickly removes the heaviest build-ups

  • Safe on fiberglass and painted wood

  • Use in fresh and salt water

  • Removes Zebra mussels and barnacles

ZING® Professional Pontoon & Boat Cleaner cleans and brightens even the toughest oxidation and staining on aluminum pontoons, boat hulls and lower units. ZING® Aluminum Pontoon & Boat Cleaner quickly removes marine deposits, scum, oxidation and discoloration. Brightens and restores aluminum that has oxidized and become dull due to stains and the effects of weather and water over time. Excellent for use on pontoons and boats in both fresh and salt water. Attacks and loosens Zebra mussels and barnacles.




  • Cleans and brightens in one step

  • Professional cleaning strength

  • Removes scum, oxidation and discoloration

  • Use in fresh and salt water

  • Removes zebra mussels and barnacles

  • Contains no phosphates

ZING® Professional Black Streak Remover easily and safely removes black streaks on boats caused by water run off from fiberglass, aluminum, plastic, canvas, vinyl and paint. Use to remove black streaks from boat hulls, seats, canopies, jet skis, trailers and RVs. ZING® Professional Black Streak Remover is fast acting and is safer for people, surfaces and the marine environment.







  • Cleans black stains and marks

  • No scrubbing needed

  • Non-hazardous

  • Contains no phosphates

  • Readily biodegradable

ZING Cleaning Products
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